Good morning Gail,

Thank you again for getting these done so quickly! The lab here really appreciates everything you do for us! 

Cameron Alberts





Just a picture to say thanks for Rocky Mtn WaterJet’s great work !! 

Thanks again !!! 

Troy Gray

Sharp Bros. Seed Co.



"I started working with Rocky Mountain Waterjet shortly after they opened the business. I asked around to some of my suppliers if they knew a good waterjet house, and they put me in touch with Rocky Mountain. They cut the small, high automation parts we use in the manufacturing of our bagging machines. I always go back to them for their quick turnaround times, their superior quality of services, and the fact that they are just good people to work with. When you find a good supplier like Rocky Mountain Waterjet you just stick with them. They're hard to find today."

Gary Davies.


"I met Jim about a year ago when I was commissioned to do a metal sculpture for a customer in Vail, Colorado. I had never done a sculpture of this size and in metal. A colleague told me it would have to be waterjet cut. I contacted three waterjet companies, and Jim at Rocky Mountain Waterjet seemed to be the most enthusiastic about taking on this type of project.  I met with Jim on the project, and to my amazement, he said we would first draw this up in CAD. In a short period, he turned the drawing around to me (the sculpture was made of three individual pieces). Then Jim suggested we laser cut a model out of cardboard. After several renditions in cardboard, the sculpture was just right. From the cardboard model, Jim moved over to the finished product -20' metal sculpture that was waterjet cut. Jim knows his equipment so well, and we were able to make what my customer wanted first with modeling. The project in its entirety took over two months, and throughout the time, I saw tremendous problem-solving abilities in Rocky Mountain Waterjet, and great technical skills. I truly appreciate the patience and effort Jim and Rocky Mountain Waterjet put into this project."   Brent Boren, Artist



"We found Rocky Mountain Waterjet in the yellow pages almost five years ago, when we were looking for a source for waterjet cutting. They made various components from pre-weld and pre-form to complete parts that are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic in thickness from .031" to 2" thick. Some of the pre-form channels they made for us are 170" long and 18" wide from 1/4" carbon steel.  Not only does Rocky Mountain Waterjet do our waterjet cutting, but they also do a considerable amount of finishing on the waterjet parts, such as tapping, deburring and they do special texturing for us on some 16 gage stainless steel parts. We additionally use them for some of our laser work.  We continue to go to Rocky Mountain Water because the are masters of quick turnaround and are always willing to develop their processes to meet our stringent requirements.  They are the friendliest people to deal with and they received our Supplier of The Year award for the year 2007. Their employees are also very helpful and are encouraged to know the value of their customers."

E. W. 


These things happen, sir. 

What is *wow* to me though, Michael, is your immediate responsiveness,which, honestly, I cannot thank you enough for. 

My sincere appreciation to you & your team, and take care.



Hi Gail, 

I’m working on more stand alone signs that we will attach to reclaimed rail road tracks. Maybe you can adjust the estimate to cover any lost revenue this time around. 

As a business owner, I understand making the project work and look best even when profits take the back seat. 

I greatly appreciate Jim’s integrity to making this work for us. 

I’ll have photos this afternoon.